Become A Volunteer

See shows for free and learn new skills when you become a Twyford volunteer!

Jobs include:

  • Front of House – Box Office/CheckIns/Ushering
  • Cafe Setup/Packdown and EFTPOS Sales
  • Maintenance Tasks

We offer you free training and also let you know about other training courses that might be relevant to your job.

Code of Conduct

As volunteers we:

  • are the friendly welcoming face of The Twyford to all who come into our venue
  • arrive on time or inform the duty manager as early as possible if unable to make a shift and help to find a replacement
  • take an active role in ensuring the comfort and safety of everyone in the venue – including reporting potential hazards
  • follow the crew dress code: neat clean black clothing, closed-in shoes, no visible logos
  • avoid strongly-scented perfumes/deodorants/aftershaves that can affect people with allergies in an indoor space
  • follow food hygiene, emergency evacuation, covid-19 and other safety procedures
  • use resources efficiently, reduce waste to a minimum, and recycle where possible
  • are honest, ethical and respectful in all dealings with staff, other volunteers, artists, patrons and board members


If selling or handling food or drinks, you can do free Food Safety Training online that is recognised by Bega Valley Shire Council.

If working on front of house, you may be asked to use the mobile check-in app on an iPad.
Read about best practice when using mobile check in. We will also give you hands-on training in the procedure before your first shift.

Familiarise yourself with our emergency evacuation procedure, venue plan including location of fire fighting and first aid equipment and seating plans so you can assist patrons quickly.

Not sure which cleaning equipment to use where? Check the colour coded cleaning chart.

Volunteers who have current RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) and First Aid/Apply CPR Certificates are highly valued and necessary for some roles. Keep an eye out for upcoming courses to gain or renew your qualifications:

EFTPOS Procedure for Box Office Workers