Theatre Twyford

The theatre is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION with an expected opening in 2022. The following is provided as a guide only – final configuration may change prior to opening. Contact us for more details.

We are taking expressions of interest for events. Until an official opening date is set for the Theatre, we may be able to offer you our Hall venue instead.

Theatre Twyford is a proscenium arch theatre with raked seating, located in the centre of Merimbula on the far south coast of NSW.


  • Seating capacity 199 (raked auditorium)
    Check COVID restrictions in force
  • Removable seating in rows A and J
  • Lower auditorium rows A to H 8 rows, 15-16 seats in each row, 2 outer aisles (124 seats) – stair access
  • Foyer level row J has flexible seating for up to 4 wheelchairs plus 8 accompanying carers or 16 regular seats (8-16 seats)
  • Upper auditorium rows K to N 4 rows, 14-16 seats in each row, 1 central aisle (60 seats) – stair access
  • Airconditioned and heated

Accessibility Features

  • Row J of theatre accessible by wheelchair via Market Street entrance and lift to theatre foyer
  • Audience accessible toilet on ground floor inside Market Street entrance
  • Hearing augmentation loop in theatre
  • Artist and crew accessible entry to Lower Dressing Room and stage via Stage Door entrance and ramp on Market St
  • Artist and crew accessible bathroom/toilet/shower in Lower Dressing Room

Stage Features

Final dimensions to be confirmed once fitout completed.

Proscenium arch stage with sprung floor and sacrificial layer.


  • 9.5 metres at proscenium arch
  • 10.7 metres forward of/behind proscenium arch


  • 7.8 metres from front of stage to rear stage wall (no crossover) OR
  • 6.55 metres from front of stage to flexible cyclorama crossover


  • Row A auditorium floor to stage level: 0.6m
  • Stage level to top of proscenium arch: 5 metres
  • Stage level to lighting bar: 5 metres
  • Clearance under upstage catwalk: 4.5 metres


  • Stage right width: 5 metres from edge of proscenium arch to OP wall
  • Stage left width: 6.5 metres from edge of proscenium arch to loading dock door
  • Note: Twyford Hall adjacent to the theatre may be hired as an offstage orchestra area, assembly area or additional changing area for large casts.

Technical Equipment

To be confirmed when fitout complete

  • Lectern with mic
  • Sound system including built in speakers, foldback speakers, various mics, and sound desk in control room.
  • All LED programmable lighting rig with lighting desk in Control Room.
  • Video projection onto mid stage projection screen, cyclorama or rear wall available.
  • Paging system
  • CCTV monitors
  • Stage furniture (risers, rostra, drama boxes, table, lounge, seating, plants etc) available on request, with notice
  • Filming and streaming service available on request, with notice

Crew Facilities

Please contact our Technical Manager to discuss your specifications/equipment, access security and prerig requirements

  • Control Room at rear of auditorium on upper level with seating for three operators. Additional window areas left and right for follow spots / film cameras.
  • Mobile Stage management control desk can be used from OP or PS side of stage
  • Stage door entrance on Market St leads to Upper and Lower Dressing Rooms and bathrooms, stage, control room, foyer area.
  • Catwalks over stage and FOH lighting bars
  • Rear lighting bar accessible from Control Room
  • Hoisted Lighting bars 3 over stage, 2 over FOH
  • Lighting equipment – specification available on request
  • Sound equipment – specification available on request
  • Video and streaming equipment – specification available on request
  • High Speed NBN FTTP for streaming – specification available soon
  • Guest WiFi 
  • Motorised Hoist controls OP on Control Room level
  • Motorised Main curtain control PS on stage level (or from Stage Manager Desk or Control Room)
  • Fire curtain
  • Genie AWP-30S vertical mast EWP 9m (certification / induction required)
  • Fibreglass 8 Step Platform Ladder
  • Loading Dock for Hall and Theatre backstage – entrance on Beach Street.
  • Laser Printer/Scanner/Copier available in Theatre Office

Cast Facilities

Please contact our management team regarding any additional riders or facilities required.

  • Lower Dressing Room/Green Room – stage level
    • Access via Stage Door and ramp on Market St
    • Seating capacity up to 8 (including 1 wheelchair space)
    • Direct level access to stage (OP side)
    • Accessible bathroom with shower, toilet and washbasin
    • Separate washbasin in dressing room
    • Mirrored and lit benches
    • Bar fridge
    • Tea & coffee making facilities
    • Recycling/waste bin
    • Stage CCTV in dressing room
    • Stage Manager paging system
  • Upper Dressing room – 1st floor
    • Access via Stage Door on Market St and stairwell
    • Access to stage via stairwell and Lower Dressing Room
    • Seating capacity 10
    • Bathroom with shower, toilet and washbasin
    • Separate washbasin in dressing room
    • Hanging space
    • Mirrored and lit benches
    • Washing machine, dryer, ironing board and iron, drying rack
    • Recycling/waste bin
    • Stage CCTV in dressing room
    • Stage Manager paging system
  • Guest Wifi


  • Backstage catering on request
  • Smoking is not permitted at any time in the building or within 10 metres of any of the building entrances under NSW and local council regulations. This includes e-cigarettes and vaping.
  • No alcohol to be consumed by cast/crews outside licenced area, prior to or during performances. The Twyford is a drug-free zone.
  • Theatre foyer may be hired after shows until midnight only, by prior arrangement with management – RSA certified staff member must be employed if alcohol service required
  • All visitors and staff must agree to abide by Work Health & Safety standards and procedures at all times in the venue including use of appropriate PPE and adherence to COVID requirements


Rates below are room hire only and include the use of the theatre auditorium, theatre foyer preshow and during interval, dressing rooms and attached bathrooms, stage, loading dock (and control room and stage manager desk if required and agreed by management).

These rates do not include staff costs over and above the duty manager and the tech manager’s initial consultation time. Please discuss your event’s staffing requirements with us as early as possible to avoid misunderstandings.

For show buy-ins, share deals, staffing costs or equipment hire details, please contact the Venue Manager directly.

Event Type

Ticketed Event / Commercial Event / Large Event


All Day

Up to 4 Hours

Hire Fee



Not-for-Profit Event / Dress or Tech rehearsals

All Day

Up to 4 Hours



Non-Tech Rehearsals / Low-Tech Meetings / Dark Hire / Bump Ins / Bump Outs

All Day

Up to 4 Hours




  • All public events held at The Twyford will appear on The Twyford’s website, social media, e-news and display screens at no additional charge.
  • Please note that we only accept requests to promote events if they are either held in our venue, or co-presented by The Twyford in other locations.
  • The Twyford aims to reduce waste by minimising print-based materials by using online media and apps for advertising and programs and encourages hirers and producers to do the same. We are happy to provide advice on what works best for our audiences.
  • For  additional marketing packages or assistance please contact the Venue Manager

Ticketing Services

  • The Twyford provides a 24/7 ticketing service online as well as in-person and phone sales by our box office staff for all ticketed events. A fee per ticket of $2.40 applies to cover credit card fees, EFTPOS and box office software costs. Visa, Mastercard or EFTPOS cards are accepted.


  • The minimum staff to meet WHS requirements for a performance are the duty manager,  technical operator (if lighting/sound/AV in use) and 2 ushers. At least one staff member with first aid training must be rostered on for all performances.
  • Cleaning must take place after each session – please allow at least 2 hours between sessions. Should an event generate higher than normal cleaning requirements, the additional staff cost will be charged back to the hirer/producer at an hourly rate. The use of confetti, glitter, foam and other difficult-to-clean materials is not permitted.
  • Stage Equipment is only to be used after induction training from – or under the supervision of – the Twyford Technical Manager.
  • The Twyford operates the cafe/bar prior to performances and during interval and provides RSA and Food Handling-trained and qualified staff to run this service. The Twyford retains revenue from this service to cover cafe/bar staff supplies and bar staff costs. If you do not wish to have alcohol available at your event (eg for children’s or school shows) please advise the Venue Manager when booking.
  • If your event requires external catering, please discuss certification requirements with the Venue Manager.
  • For all staff requirements, talk to the Venue Manager.

Additional staff available by arrangement

Mininum 2 weeks notice required and subject to availability. During regional festival weekends, technical staff may be more difficult to source. Minimum payment 3 hours per session (4 hours on Sundays). Overtime and penalty rates may apply depending on timing of your event. Staff conditions are covered under the Live Performance Award 2020 unless trained volunteers are available.

  • Security
  • Stage Manager
  • Tech Manager
  • Sound Operator
  • Lighting Operator
  • Video/Streaming Operator
  • Stage Hand (bump in/bump out)

Information For Touring Companies

Our management team is happy to make recommendations to make your stay in Merimbula a pleasant one. The link below provides you with details and tips on emergency contacts, local accommodation, eating out,  shopping and service providers.

Information for Visitors