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Theatre Twyford Construction Paused

By 10 August 2021 No Comments

Community Update

Following some unexpected approval delays and COVID disruptions Twyford Hall Incorporated (THI) has paused construction of Theatre Twyford in Merimbula, Twyford Ambassador Frankie J Holden said today.

“THI has reluctantly decided to pause the project now, while essential services catch up with the construction. As late as May, THI had hoped to be able to complete construction by the Spring, but following a review of unexpected planning delays and supply disruptions due to COVID, it has accepted completion will have to wait until essential services are all in place.”

Construction of Theatre Twyford is now substantially complete, with the remaining works being mainly the connection and commissioning of electrical and other services, certification, final fitout and testing of what will be one of the most sought-after live performance venues in regional NSW.

“After examining available options with the builder and project manager, THI has decided to end the current building contract and use grant funds to complete essential work already committed. The present delay is because, some years ago, it had been assumed electricity would come from Market Street. It was later found power would need to come from the substation in Beach Street instead. Getting planning approval for that connection has taken much longer than expected.”

“The builders couldn’t finish the job until services were connected and the contract provided for delay charges while the job was not finished. Rather than spending significant taxpayer funds on delay charges, THI decided to end the current contract until essential services are in place and work can resume.”

“It is obviously very frustrating to be delayed at this late stage of the project, but in these times we have to go with the flow and exercise a little patience. Theatre Twyford will be worth the wait” he said.