Here are our tips on how to be – or not to be – a perfect audience member:

Arrive in plenty of time
We recommend at least 30 minutes beforehand if you’re planning to enjoy a pre-show drink. The show information will include what refreshments will be available before or after the show or at interval. COVID safety requirements may slow your entry and restrict the number of people who can move through at a time – please be patient.

Late arrivers may be locked out
Due to the nature of live entertainment, trying to find your way to your seat once a show has started can seriously disrupt both the audience and the performers on stage. Most performances have a lockout which restricts anybody from entering the auditorium until a suitable break in the performance. For some productions the lockout can be until interval; for others, the entire show. Our advice: arrive early.

No dress code
Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Shoes must be worn however for safety reasons. Avoid strong perfumes or colognes that may affect others with allergies or respiratory difficulties.

No cloaking available
For space and security reasons, we do not offer a cloakroom. Please leave backpacks or other large bags and items at home or in your car.

Zero tolerance policy
The safety and wellbeing of everyone in our venue, including audiences, staff, volunteers, cast and crews is non-negotiable.
We have a zero tolerance policy towards behaviour that affects the safety and wellbeing of others.

Stay off stage
Don’t go on stage or touch any props or equipment that may be located there or elsewhere in the auditorium. If a show does allow audience interaction this will be indicated in the show information. Performers and crew will control who may be invited on stage during the performance.

Be quiet
Please don’t chat or whisper during the performance. We can all hear you.

Eating and drinking
Eating is not permitted in the auditorium unless specifically mentioned in the show information. You can however decant your drink into a paper cup to take into the show. Water bottles are permitted.

Mobile phones and other electronic devices must be switched OFF, not just turned to silent
Live in the moment and enjoy the peace! Radio frequencies used by your network are the same as those used by our technical equipment including hearing assistance loops, so any phone left on may cause serious problems with the performance. Our staff monitor phone use throughout the show – don’t risk a tap on the shoulder. You may turn your mobile back on during interval, but it must be turned off again before interval finishes.  If a particular show does allow audience interaction using mobile devices, this will be included in the show information.

No photos or videos during performances
All shows you see are protected by copyright laws and taking unauthorised still photos, video and audio recordings is a violation of these. A single flash from the auditorium can be enough to seriously distract a performer which can cause major safety issues. If a particular session is being recorded by crew members, this will be indicated in the show information and announced at the beginning of the show.

Meet and Greet
For safety and security reasons, noone other than staff, cast and crew are permitted backstage or in dressing rooms at any time. If a show offers a meet-and-greet option after the show, this will be indicated in the show information, and that’s when you may be invited to meet and take photos with performers in the foyer or Hall. Otherwise, please respect the privacy and safety of performers, staff and crew.

Enjoy the show and please share your feedback
Jump on our social media afterwards – we love to hear what you think (but please don’t spoil the ending for others!).