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Terms of Use

Before using our website, payment gateway, social media pages or eNews service, you should read these policies and determine whether you wish to continue using the website.


Whilst we endeavour to ensure that information is current and correct, neither Twyford Hall Incorporated, nor its members nor staff are liable for the accuracy or otherwise of the material on these sites.

Material on our website and social media and news platforms remains the copyright Twyford Hall Inc, Fisse Design and GiveNow. Where permission has been granted by individuals or corporations for use of their photos, videos or documents on this website, material may not be further copied,  shared or reproduced without permission of Twyford Hall Inc or the original copyright holder.

Security provisions are in place against misuse of this service.

If you choose to subscribe to our e-news, or enter data via any of our forms you do so at your own discretion. See below for termination details.


Data collected by forms and cookies on our website and forwarded to Twyford Hall Inc includes:

  • Venue Hire: first and last name, phone number, email address, organisation name, booking request details
  • Contact: first and last name phone number, email address and comments
  • Sponsor: first and last name, position, organisation name, phone number, email address, type of sponsor, sponsor offer category
  • IP address

We do not collect or store any credit card information on our platforms. You may be redirected from our site to a third party payment gateway for donations or ticketing services and those services are responsible for keeping your data safe.

Data is collected in order to direct your enquiries to the responsible person at Twyford Hall Inc.

If you subscribe to The Twyford eNews, your data will be collected in our database hosted by MailChimp, which is a third party cloud system for building and maintaining client contact details as well as sending e-newsletters to stakeholders , audiences and interested parties. You can unsubscribe from that list at any time using the details in the email sent to you when you subscribed or receive a news email.

If you are unable to work out how to correct or delete your details, or how to unsubscribe from our email list, please contact us and your details will be corrected / deleted by us.

We will endeavour at all times to keep your data safe, will not sell your data to any third party, and will not your reveal your details to third parties except as stated above and below or as required by state law in NSW or by federal law in Australia.

Payment Gateway

Our Donate page redirects you to our GiveNow payment gateway for the Twyford Hall Incorporated Theatre Project Building Fund. The gateway is administered independently by GiveNow and no payment details are stored on our website.

  • Information gathered from donors and passed on to us includes: first name, last name, address, email address, phone, amount & frequency of donation, business name (if applicable), whether donation is anonymous (ie should not be publicised on our website or other publicly visible platform), preferred plaque name (if donating $1000 or more), email addresses of anyone else to be notified, and comments.
  • Depending on the payment method you choose, GiveNow will also collect credit card or direct credit account details in order to process the payment, but these details will not be passed on to us.

Third party terms and policies


If you believe the website to be in error, or you have a complaint about the website or in relation to the way your data is collected or used, please contact us.