If you have questions about the Theatre Twyford development and its impact, please see the plan below and read the following FAQ first.

If these do not answer your question, please contact us.

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FAQ Theatre Twyford Construction

An exciting new 199 seat raked theatre is being built adjacent to the existing Twyford Hall, above the existing shops on Market Street. The new theatre will include a foyer with box office, theatre office, two dressing rooms, stage manager desk and a control room for lighting, sound and video and is expected open some time in 2022. The existing Twyford Hall has recently reopened after COVID-19 and building works. The Hall and Supper Room have undergone some changes to accommodate the new theatre construction. Hire enquiries can be made via our Venue Hire page.
We look forward to keeping you informed about our new and improved venues for live performances and events. Please subscribe to The Twyford e-News or Like our Facebook page. If you have specific questions about the impact of the project not already covered in this FAQ, please contact us. Getting the development to this stage has taken some 20 years and we thank the community for its support and understanding during the disruptions.
After 20+ years of lobbying, Twyford Hall Inc was successful in receiving $7.4 million in grant funding from the NSW State Government through the Regional Communities Development Fund. The project is also being funded through Twyford Hall Inc's own resources, private donations and corporate sponsorships. Due to additional costs caused by AHIP delays, COVID and building delay costs, additional funding is being sought to finish service connections, commissioning and final fitout. In 2022, Twyford Hall Inc transferred to The Twyford Hall Complex Ltd, a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, and is a registered charity. The Twyford Hall Incorporated Theatre Project Building Fund is a registered Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) meaning that all donations to the fund over $2 are tax-deductible. If you would like to be part of the success of the new venue you can become a donor or become a sponsor.
Finishing funds are being sought from government and other sources. Building works are 90% complete and final service connections, commissioning and fitout are expected to be completed in 2022. To keep up to date on what is happening, subscribe to The Twyford eNews.
Construction work activity during these times will, wherever possible, be restricted to internal areas of the site. Site deliveries will be via the site access on Beach Street. Over weekends and the Xmas/New Year period, the site will normally be closed.
Plans for the new theatre were developed by local architect Michael Marshman & Associates. Development Approval has been obtained for the work. Project Managers Donald Cant Watts Corke (DCWC) were appointed. The successful tender for the construction of the theatre was announced in December 2019 as Monarch Building Solutions from the ACT. Building was paused in August 2021 so that further funding could be obtained. Local contractors have been employed on site where possible.
The site office on Market St is now closed. All enquiries are to be directed to the Board - please contact us.
Primary access to the site is from Beach Street via the Loading Dock
Traffic control measures for vehicles and pedestrians have been provided as necessary. Alterations to Beach Street vehicle and pedestrian traffic have been made to accommodate the construction site for the Theatre Twyford Construction Project. The Beach Street loading zone has bene relocated around the corner on Alice Street. Two-way traffic will continue to be maintained on Beach Street, however lane widths may be reduced from time to time. Pedestrian traffic has been diverted to the lake side of Beach Street. This traffic and pedestrian management arrangement will remain for the duration of the project. At various times throughout the course of the project, full road closure of Beach Street will be implemented to the Market Street end of Beach Street. Access to Alice Street via Main Street will remain available during these closures as will Beach Street parking. Vehicle traffic in Market and Beach Streets may be busier than usual due to construction vehicles. Should this need to change, eg for services connection or craneage, application to the relevant authorities will be made. Notices - in accordance with the approvals - will be advised via the newspaper, on our website and via e-news. Interruption to foot traffic will occur during the installation and removal of the fencing and hoardings. These are in accordance with council requirements.
The shop in Market Street beside the Hall is currently vacant and for lease. Horizon Bank has remained open during most of the construction period.
Whilst we will endeavour to minimise disruptions to the operations of the venue, for safety and logistical reasons, access to Twyford Hall, the Supper Room and Kitchen will be disrupted at various times to enable the theatre construction to go ahead. These venues reopened in November 2021. A new online hire procedure has been implemented. Hire enquiries must be made via our Venue Hire page or by calling 02 64957435. The Merimbula newsagency no longer handles bookings or keys.
A list of blackout periods and bookings for each of the venues is maintained on our Calendar.
The Twyford Room on Market Street has become the main entrance for the whole venue and includes a lift and stairwell to the new theatre foyer on the first floor, as well as providing access to the toilet facilities for both Hall and Theatre patrons.
Twyford Hall underwent some modifications and reopened in November 2021. The door of the Hall along the side wall that was used as a second doorway into the Supper Room has been closed off. The old biobox has been converted into a Tech Room for the complex and is not accessible to the general public. The old box office has been converted to the Electrical Switchboard room for the whole venue and is no longer accessible to the public. See the diagram at the top of this page for details.
The Twyford Hall stage depth has been shortened by approximately 2 metres to accommodate construction of the new theatre backstage area and loading dock. Its dimensions are now 8.25m wide x 4.14m deep, inclusive of the 0.9m temporary extension at the front. A new audio rack has been installed at the rear of the proscenium arch at stage left. New LED lighting is being installed as well as a plug in panel for a sound/lighting desk at the rear of the hall. The old biobox has been converted to a Tech Room. The quartz lights to the front and side of the stage have been replaced with LED lighting and lighting bars have been modified or replaced. See the Venue Hire - Twyford Hall page for more details. The stage in the new Theatre will be larger than the old Twyford Hall stage with a 9m x 5m proscenium arch and up to 7m depth (depending on whether crossover is in use) as well as generous wings on both sides. The Hall stage will have double door access to the Theatre backstage and loading dock. There is single door access at Hall stage right for offstage entrances from the Theatre backstage. The Hall stage will be able to be used as an orchestra area for the Theatre, with video and comms access to the Theatre stage. It can also be used as an assembly area/additional dressing room area for large cast acts in the Theatre.
The shed at the back of the Hall has been removed from the site and the Twyford Hall Green Room has been removed. Two new Dressing Rooms, each with their own toilet and shower facilities, have been built into the new theatre building and are located on the northern side of the venue. The Theatre stage door will be located on Market St, adjacent to the Horizon Bank. Access to the dressing rooms from the Hall will be via the Theatre backstage.
The bio box at the back of Twyford Hall has become a Technical Communications Room accessible only to technical staff. The new Theatre will have new lighting, sound, video and communication systems in place. Separate grant funding was sourced for updated lighting and sound in the Hall as well as a portable rostrum for sound/lighting operators at the rear of the Hall, adjacent to the Supper Room.
The Twyford Hall Supper Room has been downsized, losing about 10 square metres at the Market St end. The western section has been walled off and converted to a sprinkler pump room for the venue. Tables and additional chairs will be stored here when not in use. Chairs are also stored on trolleys under the front of the Hall stage. Access will be via the Beach St foyer entrance or the main Theatre entrance once the Theatre opens.
The existing box office is being replaced by a box office/foyer in the new Theatre. The old box office has become the Electrical Mains plant room for the whole venue.
Access to the Hall toilets is now via the northern Hall door, or the Main Theatre entrance door when the Theatre opens.
Only the Hall and Supper Room have reopend. All contractors connected to the building site must report to the venue manager or project manager. All bookings must be made via our online Venue Hire form or by calling 02 64957435. Once a hire agreement has been signed, hirers will be invoiced directly and payment is made by direct credit to Twyford Hall's bank account. Hirers will receive keys and induction and safety training by the Venue Manager at an agree time. When the new Theatre Office opens in 2022, keys can be collected from there.