Latest restrictions

The venue is currently closed to the public and is expected to reopen on 8 November 2021 for limited events

Click here for the COVID Safety Plan for The Twyford

The Twyford is committed to keeping all of our volunteers, staff, contractors, visiting cast and crew and visitors safe.

Conditions of Entry

  • If you are feeling unwell, have recently visited a COVID hotspot or are a contact of someone with COVID symptoms, you must not enter the venue. See COVID symptoms and local testing locations.
  • You must be double vaccinated or have a medical exemption and be able to provide proof before you enter the venue.
  • Persons under the age of 16 who are not fully vaccinated may only enter if accompanied by a fully vaccinated adult member of the  household.
  • COVID Safe Check-in is mandatory for everyone entering the building including the construction site (includes Board, staff, crew, cast, students, parents, contractors, volunteers)
    • Option 1  (preferred) use Twyford’s QR Code and the Service NSW COVID Safe app. Hirer/supervisor or the designated COVID Safety Marshall must verify that the checkin has been completed.
      QR Codes are located inside the Hall Market St and Beach St entrances and spare copies are in the red folder in the kitchen.
    • Option 2  Additional people from the same household can be checked in using the Add Dependant feature of the Service NSW COVID Safe app.
    • Option 3   If someone is unable to check in with a mobile phone, hirers or staff can sign them in online using the Concierge web form from any web browser. The link is unique to The Twyford.
    • Option 4   If Internet access is not available you can check someone in using the manual form. Supervisors/hirers must ensure manual records are stored securely and are transferred to electronic format within 4 hours using the Concierge web form.
  • Wash and sanitise hands frequently.
  • 1.5m social distancing applies.
  • Venue capacity limits apply and must be adhered to (see below). These may change at short notice.
  • Mask wearing is currently mandatory in all non-residential indoor settings in NSW unless you can show you have a lawful exemption.
  • All hirers must read and adhere to The Twyford’s relevant COVID-Safety plan for the venue, as well as any additional specific requirements from NSW Health for your particular kind of event. For example, weddings, funerals and events involving dancing, singing or the serving of food or drinks may have particular restrictions that change depending on NSW Health advice. We recommend you develop a COVID-Safe plan for your particular event if there are additional requirements. Avoid ambiguity between our venue plan and your event plan. If there is a conflict, the stricter restriction in force will apply.

Check the current NSW Health requirements for your particular event type here

Venue limits

As at 18 October 2021 until at least 30 November 2021

If the space you are using is not listed below, or people are not seated in the space, the  25 people or 4 square metres per person rule applies.

  • Twyford Hall: 38 
  • Supper Room: 5
  • Kitchen: 2

Children count towards the capacity limit.

Please allow extra time in your booking and doors open period for cleaning and sanitising, staggered venue entry and COVID checkin/vaccination status check by everyone entering the building.

Seating plans, furniture layouts and planned flow of people queueing outside entrances and moving through the venue must be approved by The Twyford prior to your event.

As NSW Health rules may change at any time without notice, please confirm current NSW Health advice prior to and during your event.

Your staff, volunteers, visitors and contractors must be informed about their obligations in adhering to COVID-safety in your promotional material.

Failure to monitor and adhere to safety rules may result in your booking being cancelled. Inspections may be carried out by NSW Health or police at any time and non-compliance can result in harsh penalties for both individuals (up to $11,000)  and organisations (up to $55,000) per day.

COVID Safety Resources

Resources available in The Twyford include:

  • 2 x perspex sneeze barriers
  • 2 x 2.1m crowd control barriers with A3 signage and social distancing signage
  • The Twyford QR code checkin signs
  • Online Concierge check in form
    to use if someone can’t check into The Twyford using the QR code method.
  • Manual Check in form if Internet access is not available – these must be kept secure and transcribed using the Online Concierge check in form within 4 hours
  • Vaccination and mask wearing signage
  • Capacity limit signage
  • Social distancing floor decals
  • Contactless forehead thermometer for temperature checks – on request
  • Additional COVID-safety signage including floor decals – on request
  • 2 x mobile Hands-free sanitising stations are located inside the Beach St foyer. The black switch on the left hand side must be turned on before they will operate. Please turn off if they will not be in use for some time, to preserve battery life. Additional clear sanitising fluid suitable for these stations is available in the kitchen (blue and white bottles). Instructions for operating and refilling the stations (as well as the metal tool to lever the top open for servicing) are in the red folder in the kitchen.
  • Frequently used surfaces are to be cleaned at least once per day using the pre-diluted pink sanitising fluid in spray bottles in the kitchen provided by the cleaner. This fluid is only for use on surfaces (eg shared tools, door handles, railings, tables, benches, lift buttons etc) and must NOT be used in the sanitising stations.
  • More posters here

Hirers will need to provide their own PPE – gloves, masks, cleaning cloths and any other items they need for their staff or performers to meet the COVID-safe plan requirements. Used items must be disposed of appropriately.

We strongly recommend you implement contactless payment methods – either use online sales or hire a contactless EFTPOS machine from your bank – to avoid cash handling.

The Twyford box office provides 24/7 online ticketing services through TryBooking for all events for a fee.

If you have any questions about your obligations, please contact us.

COVID Testing

COVID Testing station locations in NSW can be found HERE.