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A detailed COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS into the Social and Financial Perspectives of Twyford Hall & Theatre Complex was commissioned by the Twyford Hall Incorporated Committee in June 2015 and has now been completed.

The Report prepared by ECONTEXT Economics and Allied Consulting is quite positive and finds a Benefit to Cost Ratio of 1:3 can be expected in building the proposed Theatre Twyford.

That is for every dollar spent in establishing the Theatre a Benefit of one dollar thirty accrues to the Region and is a very healthy ratio by cost benefit standards.

The key benefits that were quantified for the CBA included:

  • The value of performances as indicated by ticket sales
  • Induced spending by visitors, cast and crew (meals, accommodation etc.)
  • Reduced need to travel , resulting leisure time gained and accidents avoided
  • Non-Use value, e.g. the value of having the option to visit the theatre.

The methodology applied in the CBA has been stringent and conservative.

Nevertheless , from the first year of operation , these quantified benefits well exceed the costs of operating the theatre.

The Detailed Report ranging over 60 pages can be viewed under our Development Section of this web page.